This game is best played downloaded rather through the browser, although there isnt a significant drop in quality.

Ideally if playing on the browser, use Google Chrome.


- Use mouse to look around

- LMB to interact

- WASD to move


Hint: Bang on the door if unsure what to do


This game is a submission to the Two-Minute Horror Game Jam. This is also my first game, so please enjoy it for what it is.

You awaken in a dark, damp room, with nothing but a chair, table and the sound of a broken radio to keep you company. No matter how much you bang on that door nobody will ever come for you. Sucumb to the despair of loneliness and insanity...


Feedback is always appreciated.


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Very unusual!

i thought the white glowy bit was the moon but i think maybe its a metaphor of death. 

Show post...


Not bad for a short game.

I really liked the game and I hope you like my gameplay!
My channel is SilverChiara. I hope to see more from you!
The game starts at 03:40 It would have been cool if there
was a jumpscare or something!

brooo that was rad i loved boogying to the music :)

even though for like 10 minutes i thought i was supposed to stay in the chair until i looked at the disc. lol

great i though it was a puzzle but its not :/ 

Short but really fun!!

hi! i just wanted to note that for whatever reason as i'm playing the browser version of the game, i'm not allowed to interact with objects using any of the three options of interaction keys. I was wondering if anyone knows how to fix this issue? for reference, both wasd and the arrow keys work fine for movement

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Hey! There is only one interaction key, which is the Left Mouse Button. Hope this helps.


Nice one. Makes you wonder


Not bad at all! It had be unnerved while I was playing, I would potentially add some light flickering or some noises in the corners to keep the player on edge. If you want to freak the player out while they are advancing towards the light you could add some footsteps behind them. Overall though great job!

short and a bit confusing, but still very good game. I enjoyed it. keep it up!

Great short little creepy pasta in the form of a 2 minute horror game. So curious what the ending or overall story actually means. Is there a more in depth answer or it is what we make of it? My play through is the last game in this video

This is a very simplistic game but the games exaction is great. I just wish there was a little bit more at the end and more in the line of physical actions. 

Pros and cons are down below) Check out mmy vid (the game is the 2d there):


1. Well, the game has the solitary confinment vibes. I mean, it really feels lonely though the game is so short.

2. The radio was very creepy, I really liked that!


1. Too short, I anticipated a bit more scares. The tunnel was promising, somhing might have spooked the player there. Or it would be cool to hear something behind the door anf every time the player thins they heard something, the radio would turn on. That wat the player actually shoul run and turn it off as fast as possible!


As is I think the game needs a bit more development, more scares implemented, so I will rate it 4/5.

Hope my feedback was useful!

Hello! Thank you for the feedback, I appreciate that!

以为和death trip一样

It was a nice game though i was expecting more of a scare somewhere during the game. But the radio creeped me out though.Starts at 6:39.

It was an interesting experience. I had a few creeps with the music, though I was expecting more scares through making the atmosphere uneasy or intense. I still enjoyed it though! Looking forward to more projects. :)

Please check out the video (Game starts at 4:34) and my channel: VladMan.

Thank you!

Short and right to the point.. Love it!

It was a fun experience all the way through, although very short. I wish there was a little more. However, I managed to give myself a jumpscare and enjoyed joking around within solitary confinement. The plainness of the map really gives that loneliness vibe, the note was the cherry on top! Walking to the light gave a weird vibe, especially with the distorted track playing in the back.. DEFINITELY my favorite part of it all! Game starts at 0:38

It's a quick scary experience, and that's what ya get when playing jam games! I love what typically is developed within such a short amount of time! I'd suggest elaborating more on objectives for the player, unless you're aiming for a trigger-based game. Give me a sense of purpose, and also, that I can accomplish something! 

Good work!

great , that was great. 

My imagination friend is okay for me

what the f**K was that

THE ANXIETY! This game was really cool and freaked me out when the door opened LOL. I played this in my recent 3 scary games and it's the 3rd game and would appreciate if you all checked it out, thanks guys! 

Gameplay BR

5/5 для первой игры. Очень понравилось :D

Simple, but creepy. Could use a bit more events. nice job

Reminds me of the movie Pinion a bit? Just because that also takes place in solitary for the most part. I did a let's play. Starts at 24:48


I just started, it's kinda creepy ngl.

even though the game has a simple design with simple graphics. the scary/creepy atmosphere is there. i don't know if the end has jumpscares because I walked backwards towards the end lololol

p.s game starts at 00:16

Simple design with a creepy mood. I enjoyed it and glad there was no spoopy man to jump out at the end



See our full review here; (#14)

intriguing game, short but intriguing. Starts at 10:20!

Thank you! I enjoyed being able to see you reaction.

i fricking won

Claustrophobia + distorted music = terrifying! I felt anxious the whole time and I loved it, great game!

Glad you enjoyed it!

Was a really fun short game! Was interesting and fun how you played with expectations and kept the player guessing and their imagination running as they tried to guess what would happen next. The end was very suspensful, and all in all a great and pretty fun short game to play!

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Thank you! I appreciate being able to see your reaction!


nice mini horror game i like it ;)

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Thank you!

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