This game is best played downloaded rather through the browser, although there isnt a significant drop in quality.

Ideally if playing on the browser, use Google Chrome.


- Use mouse to look around

- LMB to interact

- WASD to move


Hint: Bang on the door if unsure what to do


This game is a submission to the Two-Minute Horror Game Jam. This is also my first game, so please enjoy it for what it is.

You awaken in a dark, damp room, with nothing but a chair, table and the sound of a broken radio to keep you company. No matter how much you bang on that door nobody will ever come for you. Sucumb to the despair of loneliness and insanity...


Feedback is always appreciated.


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I just started, it's kinda creepy ngl.

even though the game has a simple design with simple graphics. the scary/creepy atmosphere is there. i don't know if the end has jumpscares because I walked backwards towards the end lololol

p.s game starts at 00:16

Simple design with a creepy mood. I enjoyed it and glad there was no spoopy man to jump out at the end



See our full review here; (#14)

intriguing game, short but intriguing. Starts at 10:20!

Thank you! I enjoyed being able to see you reaction.

i fricking won

Claustrophobia + distorted music = terrifying! I felt anxious the whole time and I loved it, great game!

Glad you enjoyed it!

Was a really fun short game! Was interesting and fun how you played with expectations and kept the player guessing and their imagination running as they tried to guess what would happen next. The end was very suspensful, and all in all a great and pretty fun short game to play!

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Thank you! I appreciate being able to see your reaction!


nice mini horror game i like it ;)

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Thank you!



Was a great short psychological horror game! mostly that part when the door opens you would always feel like some jumpscare would appear but none happens was nerve-racking. Anyways here is my gameplay and i hope to see more games from you! 

Thank you! Glad you enjoyed it!

No problem!

Hi! The game is def spooky. I played it and some other's from the game jam today!

Thank you, it was great seeing your reaction!