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i couldn't finish the game because of the nauseating mouse sensitivity and the slow speed

Creepy game! Very nice! :)

fun little game but also it had me confused and lost lol

Comments below clip:

My main problem was with the speed of walking. When I have to get from A to B over a long distance, I run. Of course, that's in real life. As this is a game, I have no choice, but to follow the game. I like the concept, because it's based on a folk legend. I always wonder: is there any grain of truth to those legends...? Anyway, thanks for making this game. I didn't run into any hiccups or snags.

Great game! Creepy sounds :O

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Played the shit out of this game, and by that I mean I played it once to completion.

No Commentary :)

Thickest possible atmosphere on terran condition.

fun game!

Thank you!

I am slightly confused by this game. But it might just be a artistic game so id still say to play it for yourself.

I Expected More Jump Scares😅😅

Interesting game, I fun little demo. I made a video of it as well. (Second game at 4:34)

interesting style.

Посмотри это видео и всё поймёшь!

An interesting game. Had fun testing it.

(Your game begins at 30:25)

For a short little experience, this is rather nice, and I do like to see a Banshee used in a game. The actual trek to find her in the woods might be just a tad bit long for such a low-intensity payoff, but it was still a nice experience - and her wailing certainly works.

Thanks for playing, and for the feedback. Great seeing your reaction also!

Nice game

Hi! i downloaded the game (64 bit if that helps) but i couldn't find the .exe file on my computer. i was wondering if you could tell me how to fix this? (i unzipped and looked through all the files and it wasn't there) or matbe you can fix it. idk

Hello,thanks for letting me know. I tryed this out myself and it seems to show the The Banshee.exe just fine. It should be inside the extracted zip file alongside the other files. Hope this helps!

i figured it out. turns out my computer just didn't want to run it. have a nice day!

Thanks very much for making this game Venous! The ambiance and the style were very good, I kinda expected it to be scary and not so short, you can work wonders with this sort of legend and it has potential to become a real spooky game if you want to keep working on it. Full on mustacho power below:


Hey, glad you liked it! Will definitely try and make things like this more scary in the future.

The Rain sound was a little over the top and the ending was kind of abrupt. But it was still a nice creepy experience...

Hey there, thanks for playing and the feedback!

hi, big thx for the game. greetings from rosti 😁

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good creepy

Thanks for playing!


Hi there, I am DragonExplosion and I am a youtuber. I hope you leave a like and subscribe at my channel.

The game mainly makes use of sound effects and atmosphere to scare the player which is what I like but I felt that the constant raining sound and screamings from the Banshee is insufficient to scare players in general. I think you can add a mechanism to the game to make the game longer like maybe going around to look for items and then encounter the Banshee etc. I personally did not find the game scary but it has many room for improvement such as game mechanism and ending. 

Thank you for reading my comment, I wish you good luck in your future endeavours.

Thank you, I appreciate the feedback. Will make sure to take this into account for the future!

Very enjoyable. The jumpscare at the beginning got me good. 

Thanks! Glad it got someone!

Hello, I played this game and I really liked it, it was a very short and sweet game, the environment and sound effects were great! good work :) 

Thank you! I really appreciate it!

Hello! Can you make a x32 windows version?


Sure thing!

ohhh thank you